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CATALOG, derived from the word ‘Catalogue’, boasts a prodigious collection of chic and fashionable sports shoes.  Its catalogue of celebrated international brands has given the store a reputation as a trendsetter for footwear in Hong Kong.  

Swire Resources opened its CATALOG flagship store in 2000 amidst the growing popularity of athletic lifestyle sneakers.  The store features carefully selected styles from popular global brands such as Nike, adidas Originals, New Balance, Reebok, Puma, Vans and more to help sports shoe lovers complete their trendy outfits.  CATALOG also regularly introduces fresh, up-and-coming footwear brands to complement the hottest models and is often to offer special edition collectibles to excite young consumers and fashion-sport lovers.

Since it opened its doors, CATALOG has continued to lead the market by presenting fashionable accessories from around the world and by collaborating with renowned creative organisations and revolutionary independent brands to launch special editions.  Recognising the importance of store interiors to the customer experience, CATALOG regularly invites edgy interior designers to create new store concepts.  The simple yet distinctive design approach helps to bring CATALOG’s brand attitude to life and infuses the retail space with an energetic and inspiring ambience so consumers enjoy a comfy shopping experience. CATALOG’s one-stop store concept is extremely popular among fashion lovers and has ensured its success as one of Hong Kong’s most popular trendy footwear and apparel retailers.

CATALOG Official Site: http://dungcunail.com


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